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Packages that use I_AdminUsage
org.xmlBlaster.engine The core implementation. 

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.authentication

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.authentication
 interface SessionInfoProtectorMBean
          Export methods for JMX.
 interface SubjectInfoProtectorMBean
          Export methods for JMX.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.authentication that implement I_AdminUsage
 class SessionInfoProtector
          SessionInfoProtector protects SessionInfo.java from direct access by administrative tasks.
 class SubjectInfoProtector
          SubjectInfoProtector protects SubjectInfo.java from direct access by administrative tasks.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.client.filepoller

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.client.filepoller
 interface FilePollerPluginMBean
          JMX control for the native FilePollerPlugin.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.client.filepoller that implement I_AdminUsage
 class FilePollerPlugin
          FilePollerPlugin polls on a directory in the file system for new files.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.email

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.email that implement I_AdminUsage
 class EmailCallbackImpl
          Used for client to receive xmlBlaster callbacks over emails.
 class EmailConnection
          This driver sends emails to the xmlBlaster server, the return QOS are polled via POP3.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.socket

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.socket that implement I_AdminUsage
 class SocketCallbackImpl
          Used for client to receive xmlBlaster callbacks over plain sockets.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.filewatcher

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.filewatcher
 interface FileWatcherPluginMBean
          JMX control for the native FileWatcherPlugin.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.filewatcher that implement I_AdminUsage
 class FileWatcherPlugin
          FileWatcherPlugin polls on a directory in the file system for new files.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine
 interface EventPluginMBean
          JMX control for the native EventPlugin.
 interface RequestBrokerMBean
          Export methods for JMX on cluster node level.
 interface SubscriptionInfoMBean
          Export subscription specific methods for JMX.
 interface TopicHandlerMBean
          Export methods for JMX on cluster node level.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.engine that implement I_AdminUsage
 class EventPlugin
          Registers for events from the xmlBlaster core and forwards them as configured.
 class RequestBroker
          This is the central message broker, all requests are routed through this singleton.
 class SubscriptionInfo
          This is a container to hold references on all interesting data concerning a subscription of exactly one topic from exactly one client.
 class TopicHandler
          A topic handles all MsgUnit entries of same oid and its subscribers.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin
 interface I_AdminNode
          Declares available methods of an xmlBlaster server instance for administration.
 interface I_AdminSession
          Declares available methods of a session for administration.
 interface I_AdminSubject
          Declares available methods of a client for administration.
 interface I_AdminSubscription
          Declares available methods of a SubscriptionInfo object for administration.
 interface I_AdminTopic
          Declares available methods of a topic for administration.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine.cluster

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine.cluster
 interface ClusterManagerMBean
          JMX control for ClusterManager.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.engine.cluster that implement I_AdminUsage
 class ClusterManager
          The manager instance for a cluster node.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore.cache

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore.cache
 interface PersistenceCachePluginMBean
          Export methods for JMX on message storage level.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore.cache that implement I_AdminUsage
 class PersistenceCachePlugin
          Implements a random access message storage.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine.runlevel

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.engine.runlevel
 interface PluginConfigMBean
 interface RunlevelManagerMBean
          Export runlevel manager methods for JMX on cluster node level.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.engine.runlevel that implement I_AdminUsage
 class PluginConfig
          This class contains the information on how to configure a certain pluginand when a certain plugin is invoked by the run level manager
 class RunlevelManager
          This starts/stops xmlBlaster with different run levels.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.corba

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.corba
 interface CorbaDriverMBean
          JMX control

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.corba that implement I_AdminUsage
 class CorbaDriver
          CorbaDriver class to invoke the xmlBlaster server using CORBA.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.email

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.email
 interface EmailDriverMBean

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.email that implement I_AdminUsage
 class CallbackEmailDriver
          Sends a MsgUnitRaw back to a client using Email.
 class EmailDriver
          Email driver class to invoke the xmlBlaster server over ordinary emails.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket
 interface SocketDriverMBean

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket that implement I_AdminUsage
 class HandleClient
          Holds one socket connection to a client and handles all requests from one client with plain socket messaging.
 class SocketCbConnection
          This instance establishes exactly one connection to a listening client side callback server.
 class SocketDriver
          Socket driver class to invoke the xmlBlaster server over a native message format

This "SOCKET:" driver needs to be registered in xmlBlaster.properties and will be started on xmlBlaster startup, for example:


Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.stomp

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.stomp
 interface XbStompDriverMBean

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.stomp that implement I_AdminUsage
 class XbStompDriver
          XbStomp driver class to invoke the xmlBlaster server over STOMP protocol.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.xmlrpc

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.xmlrpc
 interface XmlRpcDriverMBean

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.xmlrpc that implement I_AdminUsage
 class XmlRpcDriver
          XmlRpc driver class to invoke the xmlBlaster server over HTTP XMLRPC.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.admin

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.admin
 interface I_AdminMap
          Declares available methods of a map implementation for administration.
 interface I_AdminPlugin
          Declares available methods to control arbitrary plugins.
 interface I_AdminPop3Driver
          Declares available methods to control the POP3 email poller.
 interface I_AdminQueue
          Declares available methods of a queue implementation for administration.
 interface I_AdminService
          Declares available methods to control a xmlBlaster service plugin.
 interface I_AdminSmtpClient
          Declares available methods to control the POP3 email poller.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.checkpoint

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.checkpoint
 interface CheckpointMBean
 interface I_Checkpoint
          Interface for plugins to handle messages passing checkpoints.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.checkpoint that implement I_AdminUsage
 class Checkpoint
          Plugin to trace the message flow into log files.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol
 interface RequestReplyExecutorMBean
          JMX manage Request/Reply pattern.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol that implement I_AdminUsage
 class RequestReplyExecutor
          Request/reply simulates a local method invocation.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.email

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.email
 interface EmailExecutorMBean
 interface Pop3DriverMBean
          JMX control for Pop3Driver.
 interface SmtpClientMBean
          JMX control for Pop3Driver.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.email that implement I_AdminUsage
 class EmailExecutor
          Base class to handle request/reply for emails.
 class Pop3Driver
          This class is capable to poll for emails using the POP3 protocol.
 class SmtpClient
          This class sends outgoing emails.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.socket

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.socket
 interface SocketExecutorMBean

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.socket that implement I_AdminUsage
 class SocketExecutor
          Send/receive messages over outStream and inStream.

Uses of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.cache

Subinterfaces of I_AdminUsage in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.cache
 interface CacheQueueInterceptorPluginMBean
          Export methods for JMX on cluster node level.

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.cache that implement I_AdminUsage
 class CacheQueueInterceptorPlugin
          Implements a queue cache.

xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

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