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Type NEW
Priority MEDIUM
Topic Remote administration of xmlBlaster

XmlBlaster is running typically 24 hours on 7 days per week - the whole year without stopping. We have the need to monitor, configure and control a running xmlBlaster instance with standard tools.

Typical administration tasks are

  1. Monitoring the state:

    It is possible to query internal states or get automatic notification of critical situations.

    This is for example

    • Query the queue sizes to detect message tail back
    • Check the available memory (RAM)
    • List all logged in clients with their properties
    • Show message throughput
  2. Changing configuration:

    Changing properties of a running xmlBlaster instance, for example

    • Activate or shutdown a plugin
    • Setting another queue size
    • Disconnect a client
    • Changing xmlBlaster run level to standby or shutdown the server
    • Changing cluster routing setup

Common approaches for these tasks are

  1. JMX support for xmlBlaster

    The Java Management Extensions (JMX) is the definite way to go in the Java only world. Here is a description on how to control xmlBlaster with any JMX conforming tool: xmlBlaster-JMX with jconsole or HTML adaptor

  2. Telnet access to xmlBlaster

    It is possible to do all management tasks using a standard telnet client. See the admin.telnet requirement.

  3. Message based xmlBlaster administration

    With the use of internal xmlBlaster messages it is possible to query and administer xmlBlaster from any connected client.

  4. HTML based native xmlBlaster administration

    XmlBlaster provides a simple, embedded HTTP server with a plugin to display easily customizable HTML pages about internal xmlBlaster states. See the admin.http requirement.

  5. An xmlBlaster SNMP agent

    SNMP is the standard for network management. An overview gives The simple web and Lessions about SNMP

    XmlBlaster has a registered SNMP number under iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprise (, our tree leaf is

  6. Native xmlBlaster administration GUI control panel

    Possibly it is a nice feature to have a SWING based administation GUI for xmlBlaster

XmlBlaster has an internal interface with plugin support which allows us to add any desired administration interface.

NOTE: Configuration parameters are specified on command line (-someValue 17) or in the xmlBlaster.properties file (someValue=17). See requirement "util.property" for details.
Columns named Impl tells you if the feature is implemented.
Columns named Hot tells you if the configuration is changeable in hot operation.


See the admin sub requirements to find out what is implemented.

See REQ admin.commands
See REQ admin.jmx
See REQ admin.events
See REQ admin.http
See REQ admin.telnet
See REQ admin.messages
See REQ admin.snmp
See REQ admin.deploy

This page is generated from the requirement XML file xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/admin.xml

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