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Packages that use QueryQosData
org.xmlBlaster.engine The core implementation. 

Uses of QueryQosData in org.xmlBlaster.client.qos

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.client.qos declared as QueryQosData
private  QueryQosData SubscribeQos.queryQosData
private  QueryQosData UnSubscribeQos.queryQosData
private  QueryQosData EraseQos.queryQosData
private  QueryQosData GetQos.queryQosData

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.client.qos that return QueryQosData
 QueryQosData SubscribeQos.getData()
          Access the wrapped data holder.
 QueryQosData UnSubscribeQos.getData()
          Access the wrapped data holder
 QueryQosData EraseQos.getData()
          Access the wrapped data holder
 QueryQosData GetQos.getData()
          Access the wrapped data holder

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.client.qos with parameters of type QueryQosData
EraseQos(Global glob, QueryQosData queryQosData)
          Constructor for internal use.
GetQos(Global glob, QueryQosData queryQosData)
          Constructor for internal use.
SubscribeQos(Global glob, QueryQosData queryQosData)
          Constructor for internal use.
UnSubscribeQos(Global glob, QueryQosData queryQosData)
          Constructor for internal use.

Uses of QueryQosData in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg declared as QueryQosData
private  QueryQosData MsgQueueSubscribeEntry.subscribeQosData

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg that return QueryQosData
 QueryQosData MsgQueueSubscribeEntry.getSubscribeQosData()

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg with parameters of type QueryQosData
MsgQueueSubscribeEntry(Global glob, PriorityEnum priority, StorageId storageId, Timestamp timestamp, long sizeInBytes, QueryKeyData subscribeKeyData, QueryQosData subscribeQosData)
          For persistence recovery
MsgQueueSubscribeEntry(Global glob, StorageId storageId, QueryKeyData subscribeKeyData, QueryQosData subscribeQosData)
          Use this constructor if a new message object is fed by method subscribe().

Uses of QueryQosData in org.xmlBlaster.engine

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine that return QueryQosData
 QueryQosData SubscriptionInfo.getQueryQosData()
          Access on SubscribeQosServer object

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine with parameters of type QueryQosData
private static java.lang.String SubscriptionInfo.generateUniqueKey(KeyData keyData, QueryQosData xmlQos, boolean clusterWideUnique)
          This static method may be used from external objects to get the unique key of a subscription.
 java.util.ArrayList<SubscriptionInfo> ClientSubscriptions.getSubscription(SessionInfo sessionInfo, QueryKeyData queryKey, QueryQosData queryQos)
private  KeyData[] RequestBroker.queryMatchingKeys(SessionInfo sessionInfo, QueryKeyData queryKeyData, QueryQosData qos)
          This method does the query (queryType = "XPATH" | "EXACT").
private  java.lang.String[] RequestBroker.queryMatchingTopics(SessionInfo sessionInfo, QueryKeyData queryKeyData, QueryQosData qos)
          This method does the query (queryType = "XPATH" | "EXACT").

Uses of QueryQosData in org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin.extern

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin.extern with parameters of type QueryQosData
 MsgUnit[] MomClientGateway.getCommand(SessionInfo sessionInfo, QueryKeyData keyData, QueryQosData qosData)
          Called by RequestBroker on get() of command messages.

Uses of QueryQosData in org.xmlBlaster.engine.qos

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.engine.qos declared as QueryQosData
private  QueryQosData EraseQosServer.queryQosData
private  QueryQosData SubscribeQosServer.queryQosData
private  QueryQosData GetQosServer.queryQosData
private  QueryQosData UnSubscribeQosServer.queryQosData

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine.qos that return QueryQosData
 QueryQosData EraseQosServer.getData()
          Access the internal data struct
 QueryQosData SubscribeQosServer.getData()
          Access the internal data struct
 QueryQosData GetQosServer.getData()
          Access the internal data struct
 QueryQosData UnSubscribeQosServer.getData()
          Access the internal data struct

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.engine.qos with parameters of type QueryQosData
EraseQosServer(Global glob, QueryQosData queryQosData)
          Constructor which accepts a raw data struct.
GetQosServer(Global glob, QueryQosData queryQosData)
          Constructor which accepts a raw data struct.
SubscribeQosServer(Global glob, QueryQosData queryQosData)
          Constructor which accepts a raw data struct.
UnSubscribeQosServer(Global glob, QueryQosData queryQosData)
          Constructor which accepts a raw data struct.

Uses of QueryQosData in org.xmlBlaster.engine.xml2java

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine.xml2java with parameters of type QueryQosData
 java.util.ArrayList XmlKeyDom.parseKeyOid(SessionInfo sessionInfo, java.lang.String xpathQuery, QueryQosData qos)
          This method does the XPath query.

Uses of QueryQosData in org.xmlBlaster.util.qos

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.util.qos declared as QueryQosData
private  QueryQosData QueryQosSaxFactory.queryQosData

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util.qos that return QueryQosData
 QueryQosData QueryQosSaxFactory.readObject(java.lang.String xmlQos)
          Parses the given xml Qos and returns a QueryQosData holding the data.
 QueryQosData I_QueryQosFactory.readObject(java.lang.String xmlQos)
          Parses the given Qos and returns a QueryQosData holding the data.

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util.qos with parameters of type QueryQosData
static java.lang.String QueryQosSaxFactory.writeObject_(QueryQosData queryQosData, java.lang.String extraOffset, java.util.Properties props)
 java.lang.String QueryQosSaxFactory.writeObject(QueryQosData queryQosData, java.lang.String extraOffset, java.util.Properties props)
          Dump state of this object into a XML ASCII string.
 java.lang.String I_QueryQosFactory.writeObject(QueryQosData queryQosData, java.lang.String extraOffset, java.util.Properties props)
          Serialize the given data object.

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