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Packages that use EmailExecutorMBean

Uses of EmailExecutorMBean in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.email

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.email that implement EmailExecutorMBean
 class EmailCallbackImpl
          Used for client to receive xmlBlaster callbacks over emails.
 class EmailConnection
          This driver sends emails to the xmlBlaster server, the return QOS are polled via POP3.

Uses of EmailExecutorMBean in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.email

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.email that implement EmailExecutorMBean
 class CallbackEmailDriver
          Sends a MsgUnitRaw back to a client using Email.
 class EmailDriver
          Email driver class to invoke the xmlBlaster server over ordinary emails.

Uses of EmailExecutorMBean in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.email

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.email that implement EmailExecutorMBean
 class EmailExecutor
          Base class to handle request/reply for emails.

xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

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