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Uses of ResourceWrapper in org.xmlBlaster.util.pool

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util.pool that return ResourceWrapper
private  ResourceWrapper PoolManager.findBusySilent(java.lang.String instanceId)
          Find a resource in busy list.
private  ResourceWrapper PoolManager.findIdleSilent(java.lang.String instanceId)
          Find a resource in idle list.
private  ResourceWrapper PoolManager.findLow(java.lang.String instanceId)
          Find a resource in busy list.
 ResourceWrapper PoolManager.reserve()
          Get a new resource.
 ResourceWrapper PoolManager.reserve(long localBusyToIdleTimeout, long localIdleToEraseTimeout, java.lang.String instanceId)
          Get a new resource.
 ResourceWrapper PoolManager.reserve(java.lang.String instanceId)
          Get a new resource.

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util.pool with parameters of type ResourceWrapper
private  void PoolManager.erase(ResourceWrapper rw)
          Remove a resource.
private  void PoolManager.swap(ResourceWrapper rw, boolean toBusy)
          Idle - busy swapper.
(package private)  void PoolManager.timeoutBusyToIdle(ResourceWrapper rw)
          Recycle busy resource after timeout.
(package private)  void PoolManager.timeoutIdleToErase(ResourceWrapper rw)
          Erase an idle resource after timeout.

xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

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