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Uses of RunLevelAction in org.xmlBlaster.engine.runlevel

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.engine.runlevel declared as RunLevelAction
private  RunLevelAction PluginConfig.downAction
          stores the action for the down going run level (if none it will be null)
private  RunLevelAction RunLevelActionSaxFactory.runLevelAction
private  RunLevelAction PluginConfig.upAction
          stores the action for the upgoing run level (if none it will be null)

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine.runlevel that return RunLevelAction
 RunLevelAction[] PluginConfig.getActions()
 RunLevelAction PluginConfig.getDownAction()
 RunLevelAction RunLevelActionSaxFactory.getObject()
 RunLevelAction PluginConfig.getUpAction()
 RunLevelAction RunLevelActionSaxFactory.readObject(java.lang.String xmlTxt)
          Parses the given xml Qos and returns a RunLevelActionData holding the data.

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine.runlevel with parameters of type RunLevelAction
 void PluginConfig.addAction(RunLevelAction action)
 java.lang.String RunLevelActionSaxFactory.writeObject(RunLevelAction runLevelAction, java.lang.String extraOffset)
          Dump state of this object into a XML ASCII string.

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