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Interface I_Callback

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AbstractCallbackExtended, AllProtocols, BigMessage, BlasterInstance, Client, ClientSub, ClientSubDispatch, ClientXml, ClusterNode, EventPluginTest, FileWriter, HelloWorldMime, HelloWorldSubscribe, HelloWorldVolatile, HelloWorldVolatile2, HttpPushHandler, JavascriptCallback, Latency, LoadTestSub, MassiveSubTest, MassiveSubTestOne, MomEventEngine, MsgInterceptor, NotificationHandler, PushHandler, ReplManagerPlugin, StreamCallback, StreamingCallback, SubscribeMessage, TestAdminGet, TestCallback, TestClientProperty, TestConnector, TestCorbaThreads, TestErase, TestFailSafeAsync, TestFilePollerPlugin, TestFileWatcherPlugin, TestHtpasswdAuthorization, TestJ2eeServices, TestLocalProtocol, TestLogin, TestLogout, TestPersistence, TestPersistenceXMLDB, TestPersistentSession, TestPtD, TestPtDQueue, TestPub, TestPubForce, TestReconnectSameClientOnly, TestSession, TestSub, TestSubDispatch, TestSubExact, TestSubGet, TestSubId, TestSubLostClient, TestSubManyClients, TestSubMulti, TestSubNewestOnly, TestSubNoDup, TestSubNoInitial, TestSubNoLocal, TestSubscribeFilter, TestThreadLeak, TestTopicHistory, TestTopicLifeCycle, TestUnSub, TestUpdateClientException, TestXPathSubscribeFilter, XBMessageConsumer, XBQueueReceiver, XBQueueSession, XBSession, XBTopicSession, XBTopicSubscriber, XmlBlasterAccess, XmlBlasterConnector, XmlBlasterInvocationHandler, XmlBlasterNativeClient, XmlBlasterPublisher, XmlScriptClient, XmlScriptInterpreterTest.TestAccessor

public interface I_Callback

Interface to receive asynchronously send callback messages from xmlBlaster.

Please implement this to receive your messages.

$Revision: 1.13 $
Marcel Ruff.
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Method Summary
 java.lang.String update(java.lang.String cbSessionId, UpdateKey updateKey, byte[] content, UpdateQos updateQos)
          This is the callback method invoked from I_XmlBlasterAccess informing the client in an asynchronous mode about a new message.

Method Detail


java.lang.String update(java.lang.String cbSessionId,
                        UpdateKey updateKey,
                        byte[] content,
                        UpdateQos updateQos)
                        throws XmlBlasterException
This is the callback method invoked from I_XmlBlasterAccess informing the client in an asynchronous mode about a new message.

So you should implement in your client code the I_Callback interface - suppling the update() method where you can do with the message whatever you want.

The raw protocol driver specific update() method (e.g. CORBA-BlasterCallback.update()) is unpacked and for each arrived message this update is called.

cbSessionId - The session ID specified by the client which registered the callback. You can specify a cbSessionId during connection (with ConnectQos) and this is bounced back here so you can authenticate the message.
updateKey - The arrived key containing the topic name
content - The arrived message content. This is your payload.
qos - Quality of Service of the MsgUnit
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