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Re: [xmlblaster] When does a topic get marked dead?

On Tue, Jun 08, 2004 at 06:08:19PM +0200, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> David Kerry wrote:
> >So I guess the question is - how can I force xmlblaster to check
> >for dead topics more often and clean them out?
> Hi David,
> you've summarized it quite exactly already.
> The best solution is to use named topics as communication
> channels. If you use key oid='' we generate
> a complete topic on the fly for every message instance send.
> If you still want to stick to tempary topics please use a
> destroyDelay == 0.
> In this case the topic is
> destroyed immediately after dieing of your single messsage instance.
> The default is 60000 millisec (= one minute) which is
> the problem you see.
> You should also send the messages volatile otherwise
> the message instance lives forever in the history queue
> and holds the topic alive as well
> (switching off the history queue
> with '-queue/history/maxEntries 0' has the
> same effect in your case).
> best regards

Hmm..  in our case, we're only sending about 10-20 messages per
minute, so the volume isn't very high.

The empty topics are hanging around for far longer than 1 minute.
I see some that are many hours old before I see them getting marked
dead (4+ hours).  All our messages are already sent volatile
so they're emtpy almost immediately.

Thank you for the examples - I'll give them a try shortly and
investigate further.

> Marcel
> -- 
> http://www.xmlBlaster.org

David Kerry