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Re: [xmlblaster] address.setXXXXX

Jones, Chris wrote:
I am playing around with HelloWorld6 and trying to set the hostname and
protocol type to what I need. So when I set the type to SOCKET it doesn't
seem to recognize the hostname setting.
address.setHostname( "some.internal.server" );
address.setType( "SOCKET" );

Hi Chris,

try ('noty' is my hosts name):

         Address address = new Address(glob);
         address.setType( "SOCKET" );


         CallbackAddress cbAddress = new CallbackAddress(glob);

NOTE 1: You need to use setAddress() as the setHostname() and setPort()
is reserved for the internal HttpIORServer implementation with
our registered port 3412. This will allow a future bootstrapping.
I'll update the Javadoc to explain this.

NOTE 2: You need to use SOCKET for the connection AND for the callback
server (we reuse with SOCKET the same TCP-socket for callback and
have no protocol mixing implemented here).
With other protocols you could mix, e.g. use IOR for connection and XML-RPC for callback, or use XML-RPC for connection and RMI for callback.

Examples for setAddress (the server logs them on startup):

RMI:      "rmi://noty:1099/I_AuthServer"
XML-RPC:  "http://noty:8080/";
SOCKET:   "noty:7607"

with CORBA use setHostname() and setPort() to retrieve the IOR
(CORBA already uses our bootstrapping schema).



[Mar 28, 2003 1:32:17 PM ERROR HelloWorld6] Houston, we have a problem:
errorCode=communication.noConnection message=Socket client connection to
jbwbj11 on port 7607 failed, try options '-socket.hostname <ip> -socket.port
<port>' and check if the xmlBlaster server has loaded the socket driver in
xmlBlaster.properties : java.net.ConnectException: Connection refused:

where if I set the hostname and type like this it connects to the correct
server and address.setHostname( "some.internal.server" );
address.setType( "IOR" );

[Mar 28, 2003 1:39:45 PM INFO  CorbaConnection-joe] Accessing xmlBlaster
AuthServer IOR using builtin http connection to some.internal.server:3412

Thanks, Chris Jones (806) 349-5775 Atmos Energy Corporation Amarillo Call Center

"This is a faithful saying and worthy of all
acceptance, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I
am chief."  1 Tim 1:15