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Re: [xmlblaster] Some QOS Questions

Hi Adam,

how do you produce your beautiful slides?
I just thought who and how we can maintain them
that they are always up-to-date.
In future probably every developer should add the new feature himself which
he just coded? Or do you maintain the slides yourself?

What do you think?



Ok, I think I've re-tooled to take care of the above problems, but I
haven't attacked the Key DTD as I want to get the QoS stuff straight
I've added a slide for the <queue> tag in subscribing, but the example
leaves alot of questions. Why is it "relating='unrelated'"? The

This is reserved for future to allow unrelated subscribes. The subscribe is in this case not related to a login session with its specific callback
channel. You can subscribe and and pass a callback address with the
subscribe (currently this is only possible on login). An example is a
client which subscribes for a dumb toaster or vacuum cleaner which are
not capable or intelligent enough (or have no login account) to do it

So is unrelated the only value or could one also specify the logon of the session?

. .

exact relationship to having selected onOverFlow="deadletter" and
"callback type='EMAIL'" or is the dead letter not really a "letter" but
simply a message that can be conveyed via any support callback method?

Exactly, the deadletter has nothing to do with email, it is just a special named message
containing a lost message.
Probably we should rename the feature to 'deadmessage'?

That would be nice.

Next on to the QOS for update and get.... :)

The connect QoS is big as well :-)

Yes it is.