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Re: [xmlblaster] losing some pub/sub messaging w/ -protocol XMLRPC (but not w/ -protocol SOCKET)

On 05/12/2010 12:14 AM, Gautam Thaker wrote:
> Michele Laghi wrote:
>> trying to reproduce the error, got the situation that when a client is
>> killed its session contiunes to live on the server side. When the client
>> comes again with the same port it gets also the other sessions messages.
> > ....
> Michele:
> I don't quite see the "punch line" in your email (sorry if I missed
> it.) Is there some error in xmlBlaster or in the way that I was using
> it in my tests?
I Gautam,
I think there where two issues, one an error in xmlBlaster is now fixed
in the svn. The other is not an error per se but xmlBlaster can only
recognize the following situation:

- the client stops without logging out
- a client is started again on the same IP and port

if the callback ping timeout has occured, if the timing was such that
the start of the new client was too fast for the ping timeout to occur,
the server would think the old client is still connected.

So my suggestion is that every time the client is started, a new port is
choosen, then you would be sure to avoid this situation.

> Gautam