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Re: [xmlblaster] admin command to retrieve p2p messages/topics

Marcel Ruff wrote:
Basically, what you can see in jconsole should be
available using messages as well.
Many thanks for this hint. The JConsole was very helpful, and I have found that the JavaDoc documentation of interfaces in the org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin package lists all available methods, including those for topics - the admin.commands HTML reference seems to be a little outdated, for example "/node/heron/topic/Hello/?key.contentMime" does not work for me (versin 1.6.2), but "/node/heron/topic/Hello/?getContentMime" works fine.

The org.xmlBlaster.engine.admin package documentation is also very useful and will be the main source of inspiration for me now.

The JMX interface uses the same interface method and property names as the package documentation, but shows some interesting extra nodes like 'map', 'service' and 'queue'. For example, I am not sure how I can get information about the service nodes...

(If everything works fine, I will release a new version of my free MoM administration client with enhanced xmlBlaster support in a couple of days.)

Best Regards

Michael Justin
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