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Re: [xmlblaster] Mobile application using XMLBlaster via GPRS

Hi Oliver,

Fels, Oliver wrote:
> Hi folks.
> Marcel propably knows what we are trying to accomplish but I am starting
> to discuss this here, as it might be of interest for more people.
> We are starting a project which requires to operate a mobile device in a
> moving vehicle.
> Required is the continously sending of data while the vehicle is
> operating via a GPRS connection. In the best case we are able to use the
> raw socket protocol to reduce message overhead and keep communication
> costs low.
> The GPRS connection unfortunately is supposed to change IP addresses
> while moving from cell to cell which might imply problems with the
> xmlBlaster client being logged on with a dedicated address on the
> server. The client will be travelling across a longer distance (up to
> 400km) so cell changes are frequent.
When using the SOCKET Protocol callbacks are tunneled back through the
connection established from the client to the server. The IP Address of
the client is in fact not used by this protocol, so this should be safe.

> My questions are:
> 1) Has someone already applied a scenario in which the blaster client is
> moving and changing addresses ?

I know of a case where the client is connected to the xmlBlaster via
broadband and occasionaly shuts down and reconnects via Modem with a new
IP Address.

> 2) Is this a critical issue for the blaster software or is this already
> handled in a way which does not oppose latency problems by frequent
> relogin attempts ?
What probably concerns you is performance: how many clients do you
expect to be simultaneously connected and how often do you expect them
to reconnect ? Once you know this it should be pretty strightforward to
set up a test case simulating such reconnects.


> Thanks in advance for answers.
> Regards,
> Oliver