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Re: [xmlblaster] XMLTester uses XMLBlaster!


you are the launching costumer ;-)

On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Stuart Baurmann wrote:

>Hi guys!  Put me on the list.
>Not clear if I was supposed to send this to xmlBlaster at xmlBlaster.org
>or goetzger at xmlBlaster.org.  You might want to clarify this on the
>"Who is using XMLBlaster" page.
It should be clear by now. Thanks.



>Project:  XMLTester.org
>Description:  Open source functional testing platform.  Uses XMLBlaster
>to send data to test drivers and collect data from test monitors.  We
>have been using XMLBlaster in development since about February 2002.
>Contact:  XMLTester team <developers at xmltester.org>
>Note: XMLBlaster rocks!