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Re: [xmlblaster] Connecting form omniOrbPy to XMLBlaster

spex66 at gmx.net wrote:
Hi there,

I've read this line:

omniORBpy is known to run with JacORB

and decided to try XMLBlaster cause of its impressive features. But I'm too
dumb actually, to find a starting point.

Starting XMLBlaster with
  java -jar lib/xmlBlaster.jar

Compiling the xmlblaster.idl for omniOrbpy
  omniidl.exe -bpython xmlBlaster.idl

But I've not the slightest idea actually, how to connect to the running jacorb now... Do somebody have a snippet, where _minimum_ a onmiorbpy connect is established? Are there anywhere scripts that tried the Helloworld example in omniOrbpy???

pleeeeease :)

help is very appreciated, for my decision to run with XMLBlaster and Python
in near future


Hi Peter,

we have an example using Python and XmlRpc in


Using XmlRpc with scripting languages is much simpler
than using CORBA.

With CORBA (omniORBpy) i don't know if anybody has tried.
If you still want to use CORBA (omniORBpy) the steps are
usually like:

1. The server does not need any change, JacORB is configured
   and this should be OK as is.

2. On Client side you need

  - compile the xmlBlaster.idl
  - Program some Python code which uses the generated CORBA stubs
    (This is what you need to do, usually you should first
     look at some omniORBpy demo clients how it is done)

3. Start the server and start your Python client

best regards