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Re: [xmlblaster] Transactional pub/sub

David Hooker wrote:


Is anyone doing any work on transactional messaging in xmlBlaster?

Hi David,

transaction support is probably the last big thing missing with xmlBlaster.
Some people told me they are thinking of adding it, but i think
nobody really started with it.

have a requirement in my system which may require a scenario where I
publish multiple messages to xmlBlaster, but they shouldn't actually
send until I commit the messages.  This would ensure that all messages
are committed to the bus together, or none are.

If no one is working on this, I may take this on in the not-too-distant
future, as this will be important to me.  Thanks.

It would be nice to start a technical discussion on the xmlblaster-devel list before you start,
to collect ideas and find the best approach for MoMs (including cluster support and
easy integrating third party transaction aware software, allowing long term transactions etc.).

If you are willing to donate this effort to xmlBlaster.org we would provide you cvs write access,

best regards,