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Re: [xmlblaster] Need Info

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Thanks Marcel,

so I understand that for a simple use (no firewall, no proxy)
we can use SOCKET for Applet implementation.
Is it right ?

And the firewall will not notice that you push information
back to the applet in the same SOCKET connection (so tunneling firewall
should work already as well).
But - the SOCKET needs a port which is different from the
http port (usually port 80) as this is occupied by Apache (or any other web server)
with which your browser (containing your applet) talks to.

If you are lucky your firewall
has port 8080 opened which you can use.

As you can see there are many parameters to play with, even the option
to add a module to apache and dispatch SOCKET calls to xmlBlaster  ...



Marcel Ruff a écrit:

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Yes it is, but i would need to sit down an solve some
final issues with applets and i haven't got the time now ;-)
The firewall issue is probably solved easily.

Solving the proxy problem is possible with SOCKET as well
but this needs probably one week of work.

Do you mean that SOCKET is not finished ?
Today, can't we use SOCKET in production env ???

I consider it finished for normal usage and i know companies using it in their xmlBlaster application instead of CORBA.

But additional features like http tunneling and firewall piercing
from applets needs further investigation.
I have already used SOCKET to tunnel 2 firewalls and 3 proxies
simultaneously (all in a row) but only with help of 'httptunnel' (for the proxy parts).
And installing 'httptunnel' is no option for a normal browser end user.