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Re: [xmlblaster] XML parser

Peter Antman wrote:

On 18 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:

Peter Antman wrote:

On 18 Sep, Till: xmlblaster at server.xmlBlaster.org wrote:

Sorry, I probably run the wrong task: runJunit.



Ugh, there is SO much work to get it to run in JBosss...

I'm sorry ...

A question. Is there any way to use the GUI you can get when you start the server as nonembedded to connect to a running server is client/server mode. I can not allow the gui to be poped up when it is running in JBoss, but it would be nice to be able to connect to the running server with the gui.

The GUI is deprecated, it was just a one day hack because
people want to see something.
xmlBlaster is a server, and this needs no GUI.

On the other hand a e.g. SWING based GUI with tree view etc
for administration purposes is really missing.

This GUI would connect to one or many running xmlBlaster servers
over the administration interface.
You could monitor the state, kill clients, configure the running server,
flush queues, generate statistics etc.

A nice little project ... one day someone will start it.