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[xmlblaster] Keys are never delivered to subscribers in updates?


First of all, XMLBlaster rocks!

Second of all, it looks like the bodies of keys don't get delivered
to subscribers, regardless of the subscribeQOS.  I have seen reference
to the fact that "<meta>" and "<content>" tags in the subscribeQOS are
not implemented yet.  Does this mean that contents of the <key> just don't
ever get delivered on updates?  Is there some other way for the receiver
to get the <key> contents ?

Specifically, I am subscribing like this:

<key oid='' queryType='XPATH'>

Then, from a separate client, I am publishing this:

<key oid="OID_MSEC_1025915075566"><ObservationKey><Pow/></ObservationKey></key>

What I see in the subscriber (using updateKey.toXML())  is this:

<key oid='OID_MSEC_1025915075566' contentMime='text/plain' contentMimeExtended=''>

Notice that we've lost the "<ObservationKey><Pow/></ObservationKey>" part.
Is there some way to avoid losing this?

I can post more details about my setup, if that's relevant.

Thanks for any help!