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Re: [xmlblaster] Delaying messages


I guess you're looking for the access filter functionality.

As far as I can see it now their is no delay() method yet.

But you can get your own, eventually.

My quick idea would be:

Just start a thread keeping the desired message if the bandwidth is low
and fire some sent-events to this thread if the bandwidth is up to high;
means: match() returns true now and nothing before.



On Wed, 19 Jun 2002 Bertrand-Raphael.Maquel at ses-astra.com wrote:

>Working in asynchronous mode (whith publish/subscribe methods), Is it
>possible to use a Publish Filter to delay messages ? I mean storing the
>messages and sending them to the receiver later.
>Here is my problem : I have a client linked to the XMLBlaster server via a
>switchable line : the line can switch between high bandwidth (normal state)
>and low bandwidth (emergency state). But this client is not aware of the
>status of the line, only the server can be.
>So I want to store the messages sent to this client when the line is in
>emergency state, so that the client can actually receive them when the line
>gets back to normal state.
>I'm not allowed to use another client buffering the messages, although I
>admit it would be really helpful ! Only the server may manage this
>Any idea ?
>Thanks in advance,
>Brome Maquel
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