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[xmlblaster] Delaying messages

Working in asynchronous mode (whith publish/subscribe methods), Is it
possible to use a Publish Filter to delay messages ? I mean storing the
messages and sending them to the receiver later.

Here is my problem : I have a client linked to the XMLBlaster server via a
switchable line : the line can switch between high bandwidth (normal state)
and low bandwidth (emergency state). But this client is not aware of the
status of the line, only the server can be.
So I want to store the messages sent to this client when the line is in
emergency state, so that the client can actually receive them when the line
gets back to normal state.

I'm not allowed to use another client buffering the messages, although I
admit it would be really helpful ! Only the server may manage this

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance,
Brome Maquel

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