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Type NEW
Priority HIGH
Topic XmlBlaster provides a plugin for a memory based queue called RamQueuePlugin which implements the I_Queue and I_Plugin interface.

The RamQueuePlugin offers the ability to store messages transiently. If a crash should occur, all data stored in the queue will be lost.

These are example QoS of subscribe() invocations:
   <queue maxEntries='1000' maxBytes='4000' onOverflow='deadMessage'/>

In the context of a cache, the attributes maxEntriesCache and maxBytesCache are used instead.


These parameters allow to configure ram based queues

Property Default Description Hot Impl
QueuePlugin[RAM][1.0] org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.ram.RamQueuePlugin specifies the class to be used for this particular queue plugin (in this case the plugin offering caching facilities) yes yes
queue/maxEntries 1000 specifies the maximum number of entries allowed in this queue yes yes
queue/maxBytes 2097152 (2MB) specifies the maximum total size allowed in this queue yes yes

NOTE: Configuration parameters are specified on command line (-someValue 17) or in the xmlBlaster.properties file (someValue=17). See requirement "util.property" for details.
Columns named Impl tells you if the feature is implemented.
Columns named Hot tells you if the configuration is changeable in hot operation.

See API org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.I_Queue
See API org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.ram.RamQueuePlugin
See API org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.QueuePluginManager
See API org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.I_QueueEntry
See API org.xmlBlaster.util.qos.storage.QueuePropertyBase
See API org.xmlBlaster.util.plugin.I_Plugin
See API org.xmlBlaster.util.Global
See REQ queue
See TEST org.xmlBlaster.test.classtest.queue.I_QueueTest
See TEST org.xmlBlaster.test.classtest.queue.JdbcQueueTest

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