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Type NEW
Priority HIGH
Topic xmlBlaster supports a CORBA protocol plugin based on JacORB

You can access XmlBlaster with CORBA aware clients. The xmlBlaster server has a protocol plugin based on JacORB. The delivered Java client library has support for JacORB to connect to the server. This protocol is activated by default.

JacORB is configured with the jacorb.properties file. You find a template in xmlBlaster/config/jacorb.properties.template . The xmlBlaster/lib/xmlBlaster.jar file contains a copy of this template file which is loaded by JacORB via the CLASSPATH and configures JacORB accordingly.

If you remove jacorb.properties form xmlBlaster.jar you can put a jacorb.properties file into your home directory which you can use to easily configure JacORB behavior. Note that if there is a file in xmlBlaster.jar this has precedence.

Setting a JacORB property on command line as System.property has precedence over any jacorb.properties setting (e.g. java -DORBInitRef.NameService=file:///tmp/ns.ior ...).


Example how to switch on CORBA debugging, here we set the JacORB specific verbosity to 3 and switch on logging for our CORBA plugin implementation:

java -Djacorb.log.default.verbosity=3 -jar lib/xmlBlaster.jar 
     -call[corba] true -trace[corba] true

These parameters allow to configure JacORB on server side, please consult the JacORB documentation and the requirement protocol.corba.NameService for further settings.

Property Default / Example Description Impl
bootstrapHostname localhost The host where a client tries to download the CORBA IOR. XmlBlaster servers have the feature to pass their CORBA plugin IOR with a builtin http server.
The access URL is "GET /AuthenticationService.ior HTTP/1.0\r\n \n" or to test from a browser "http://localhost:3412/AuthenticationService.ior".
bootstrapPort 3412 The bootstrap port where the internal xmlBlaster http server listens. This is a IANA registered port, uniquely dedicated for xmlBlaster. yes
plugin/ior/hostname localhost Allows to set the corba server IP address for multi-homed hosts. Usually you don't need to specify this as the CORBA library chooses a hostname and delivers it in its IOR.
This overwrites the JacORB specific java -DOAIAddr=[ip] setting.
plugin/ior/port [random] Allows to set the corba server port number. Usually you don't need to specify this as the CORBA library chooses a port and delivers it in its IOR.
This overwrites the JacORB specific java -DOAPort=[no] setting.
plugin/ior/iorFile - Specify a file where to dump the IOR of the AuthServer (server side) and how to reach the server (for client access). yes
plugin/ior/iorString - Specify the raw IOR string (for client access), for example "IOR:0003400..." yes
plugin/ior/useNameService true XmlBlaster tries to register its service in a CORBA naming service yes
java -Djacorb.log.default.verbosity=1 1 Debugging output for JacORB, try a value of e.g. 3. yes

NOTE: Configuration parameters are specified on command line (-someValue 17) or in the xmlBlaster.properties file (someValue=17). See requirement "util.property" for details.
Columns named Impl tells you if the feature is implemented.
Columns named Hot tells you if the configuration is changeable in hot operation.

See REQ protocol
See REQ protocol.corba.NameService
See REQ protocol.corba.orbacus
See REQ client.cpp
See http://www.jacorb.org
See CODE org.xmlBlaster.protocol.corba.CorbaDriver
See CODE org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.corba.CorbaConnection
See TEST org.xmlBlaster.test.qos.TestCorbaThreads

This page is generated from the requirement XML file xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/protocol.corba.JacORB.xml

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