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Type NEW
Priority MEDIUM
Topic XmlBlaster provides access from Flash (Macromedia Flash Player).


With Flash we can only have a synchronous access to XmlBlaster. Flash does not want to listen the network. But I think a Flash Killer can write some asynchronous call using a never closing socket.

You can have a look at the README file here.

The demo is in xmlBlaster/demo/flash and looks like :

demo screenshot

It is a simple app that make some calls iteration.
Becarefull to get the right hostname, Flash is very strict about that. For example, if your browser point to localhost, change the url from to localhost. If not, like in the screenshot, you will got a error 'Failed to connect'.


NOTE: Configuration parameters are specified on command line (-someValue 17) or in the xmlBlaster.properties file (someValue=17). See requirement "util.property" for details.
Columns named Impl tells you if the feature is implemented.
Columns named Hot tells you if the configuration is changeable in hot operation.

  • Finish this requirement and rewrite bad english sentences (all my excuses, cyrille).

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