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Packages that use Timeout
org.xmlBlaster.client This is the Java client side package. 
org.xmlBlaster.engine The core implementation. 
org.xmlBlaster.util Java helper classes for server and client programming. 

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.authentication

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.authentication declared as Timeout
private  Timeout SessionInfo.expiryTimer

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.client

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.client declared as Timeout
private  Timeout StreamingCallback.timer

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.client.filepoller

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.client.filepoller declared as Timeout
private static Timeout Publisher.timeout

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.dbwriter

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.dbwriter declared as Timeout
private  Timeout SqlInfoStreamPublisher.timeout

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.filewatcher

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.filewatcher declared as Timeout
private static Timeout Publisher.timeout

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.replication

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.replication declared as Timeout
private  Timeout ReplicationDumper.timeout

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.replication.impl

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.contrib.replication.impl declared as Timeout
private  Timeout ReplManagerPlugin.timeout

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.engine

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.engine declared as Timeout
private  Timeout TopicHandler.destroyTimer
          This topic is destroyed after given timeout The timer is activated on state change to UNREFERENCED and removed on change to ALIVE
private  Timeout MsgUnitWrapper.destroyTimer
          This topic is destroyed after given timeout The timer is activated on state change to UNREFERENCED and removed on change to ALIVE
protected  Timeout EventPlugin.heartbeatTimeout
private  Timeout ServerScope.sessionTimer
protected  Timeout EventPlugin.smtpTimeout
private  Timeout ServerScope.telnetSessionTimer
private  Timeout ServerScope.topicTimer

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine that return Timeout
 Timeout ServerScope.getSessionTimer()
          Access the handle of the user session timer thread.
 Timeout ServerScope.getTelnetSessionTimer()
          Access the handle of the TopicHandler timer thread.
 Timeout ServerScope.getTopicTimer()
          Access the handle of the TopicHandler timer thread.

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.http.appletproxy

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.http.appletproxy declared as Timeout
private  Timeout PushHandler.timeout
private  Timeout AppletServlet.timeout

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.http.appletproxy with parameters of type Timeout
PushHandler(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest req, javax.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse res, java.lang.String sessionId, java.lang.String loginName, I_XmlBlasterAccess xmlBlasterAccess, Timeout timeout)
          Use the persistent HTTP callback connection.

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.util

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.util declared as Timeout
protected  Timeout Global.burstModeTimer
protected  Timeout Global.jdbcConnectionPoolTimer
protected  Timeout Global.messageTimer

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util that return Timeout
 Timeout Global.getBurstModeTimer()
          Access the handle of the burst mode timer thread.
 Timeout Global.getJdbcConnectionPoolTimer()
          Access the handle of the jdbcConnectionPool timer (the timer for the polling when the connection has been lost).
 Timeout Global.getMessageTimer()
          Access the handle of the message expiry timer thread.

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.util.pool

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.util.pool declared as Timeout
private  Timeout PoolManager.transitionTimer
          Triggers transitions

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util.pool that return Timeout
 Timeout PoolManager.getTransistionTimer()

Uses of Timeout in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.email

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.util.protocol.email declared as Timeout
private  Timeout Pop3Driver.timeout

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