What is xmlBlaster?

XmlBlaster is MOM (Message oriented Middleware) with a lot of features.

XmlBlaster is a publish/subscribe and point to point 100% Java based MOM server (message-oriented middleware) which exchanges messages between publishers and subscribers. The message is described with XML-encoded meta information. Messages may contain everything, GIF images, Java objects, Python scripts, XML data, a word document, plain text - just anything.

Communication with the server is based on socket, CORBA (using JacORB), RMI, XmlRpc, HTTP or email, clients are free to choose their preferred protocol. Other protocols like SOAP may be plugged in.

Subscribers can use XPath expressions to filter the messages they wish to receive.

This is the publish/subscribe middleware server you have needed many times before, now available for free to glue together your distributed client/server application.

The xmlBlaster server is pure Java and under LGPL.
PHP, Perl, Python, C, C++, C#, Visual Basic.net, Flash, J2ME, Java (applications, servlets, applets) client samples are delivered in the xmlBlaster distribution.

You should be ready to go with your preferred development language.

XmlBlaster provides a browser callback framework, allowing browsers (Mozilla, MSIE, Netscape) to receive instant callbacks over a persistent http connection.


  • Free for private,commercial,education use (LGPL - License)
  • Message Orientated Middleware (MOM) with Publish/Subscribe and PointToPoint (PtP) support
  • Multi platform support (server is pure Java)
  • Multi protocol support (CORBA, RMI, XmlRpc, raw socket, EMAIL, native access)
  • Language neutral (clients for C++/C, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript, Perl, C#, Visual Basic.net ...)
  • Client side persistent queuing with C/C++/Java/ActiveX/Javascript
  • Extensible (XML based QoS)
  • Queryable Topics (Topic access with XPath)
  • Mime based full text search (currently plugins for regular expressions and XPath)
  • JMS conforming SQL key/value query support (SQL92)
  • Security system independend (currently plugins for LDAP and crypt-passwd), supports authentication, authorization and message interceptors
  • Persistence plugin architecture (currently plugins for Oracle, MS-SQLServer, Postgres, Firebird and others)

Wow! Tell me more!

Every Dad (Distributed application developer) needs a Mom (Message oriented middleware).