Who is using xmlBlaster

In order to convince the upper management to use xmlBlaster or indeed any Open Source Software, it is useful to be able to point to a page which lists some projects that have used the software successfully. Moreover, "who's using it and for how long?" is not a bad metric to compare a product's robustness and the likelihood of future support among various implementations.

1 XMLTester.org

Project XMLTester.org
Description Open source functional testing platform. Uses XmlBlaster to send data to test drivers and collect data from test monitors. We have been using XmlBlaster in development since about February 2002.
Contact XMLTester team <developers@xmltester.org>

2 KProcManager

Project KProcManager. A Ktaland realisation for AFDAS (a French OPCA).
Description It is a remote job execution dispatcher between linux boxes (sun jdk1.3) and as400 mainframes (ibm jdk1.3). Each server can publish some jobs via xmlBlaster, then the destination server executes the job and sends back a acquitement. KProcManager is using the protocols XmlRpc and Corba. The security plugin is htpasswd.
The development started on 2001-10-01, version 1 is in production since 2002-02-01 and version 2 since 2003-02-01.
Contact Cyrille Giquello <cyrille@ktaland.com>

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Description Describe your project, what you use xmlBlaster for and why. How long has it been in use.
Contact your eMailaddress; i.e. <xmlBlaster@xmlBlaster.org>

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