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RE: [xmlblaster] Persistent msg caching without previous connection

Thanks Marcel that was it, I had totally forgotten the positive id in the
session name!

Warmest regards from sunny Western Australia -- Christian

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this works out of the box.

Type (without a server):

  java -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote javaclients.HelloWorldPublish 
-session.name pubisher/2 -persistent true -numPublish 200

and publish some messages.

Now start the server (probably set CheckPoint plugin to 'true' in 
xmlBlasterPlugins.xml to see message flow)
and the messages are published,


christian chevalley wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> Is it possible to force the caching of persistent messages on the 
> client side without having previously established a connection to a 
> server? I am trying to implement an asynchronous client gathering 
> events which are published to a central server. However, this client 
> might be started before the server (hence the caching), whenever the 
> server is started, the client then connect automatically to the server 
> (no problem here) and the cached messages should be then sent to the 
> server. The problem is that if the client has not already connected to 
> a server, it is not possible to publish messages (exception is: 
> errorCode=user.notConnected).  Have I missed something here, since the 
> persistent connection + persistent PublishQos work fine after an 
> initial connection ?
> Thanks in advance -- Christian

Marcel Ruff
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