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Re: [xmlblaster] Client connection not being restored properly?

On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 06:28:59PM +0100, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> >
> >My way of working around this for now is to create yet another queue,
> >in my application that keeps a copy of the saved messages until a
> >connection is re-established after which it puts them back in the
> >xmlblaster queue for publishing.
> >
> >This works, but it's, well, ugly.  Is this the intended client behaviour
> >in this situation?  Keep in mind that I'm not concerned about subscriptions
> >and incoming messages to this client, if that makes a difference.
> >  
> Hi David,
> what about starting the client in fail safe mode?
> Like this the client retries to establish a connection and sends the 
> queued messages on reconnect,
> regards,
> Marcel

Hi Marcel,

I think I was mistaken.  I think I am connecting in fail-safe mode, if
'fail-safe' mode means setting up the connection reconnect/ping/retry
values.  I am not specifying an explicit session id, however (I get a
negative id back upon connect).

For reference, here are the connect properties I'm using:


The rest are whatever defaults that xmlblaster client provides.

>From reading the reference docs, I think this actually does enable failsafe
mode, correct?

David Kerry