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Re: [xmlblaster] Problem to publish several message under the same oid topic

louis.champion at atexo.com wrote:
The SimpleReaderGui is really useful Thank you. It's working for me. So
a question then , when X messages are published under the same publish
key oid, the subscriber will receive each messages from this topic if he
has subscribe to trough a XPATH query for example.

When I execute a XPATH query with XML Blaster control panel (all my
message have been published for my topic with oid Test) I will only see
the last published message for this topic ?
Yes, as a default only the current message of a topic is delivered.
Each topic has a history queue of default size 10 messages
which can be queried as well.
See subscribe QoS: http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/interface.subscribe.html

Usually the history feature is of no much use,


Le lundi 11 fÃvrier 2008 Ã 22:40 +0100, Marcel Ruff a Ãcrit :

i have just tried (export CLASSPATH=$XMLBLASTER_HOME/lib/xmlBlaster.jar):

java -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote org.xmlBlaster.Main -cluster.node.id heron

opened the sniffer

  java javaclients.simplereader.SimpleReaderGui

and hit 'Subscribe'

And edited HelloWorld3.java with your code compiled it

  ~/xmlBlaster> build all

and started

  java HelloWorld3

and all three messages "Test" arrive as expected.

Could you please re-check?


Champion Louis wrote:
I am a newbie to XMLBlaster and I am actually trying to figure how it's
works. I have take a look to the different HelloWorld examples.

The Java code :

PublishQos publishQos = new PublishQos(global);
publishQos.addClientProperty("Name", "Henri");
publishQos.addClientProperty("Age", 25);

PublishKey publishKey = new PublishKey(global,"Test");

MsgUnit[] msgUnits = new MsgUnit[3];
MsgUnit msgUnit1 = new MsgUnit(publishKey, "<Transaction id=\"1\" />",
msgUnits[0] = msgUnit1;

MsgUnit msgUnit2 = new MsgUnit(publishKey, "<Transaction id=\"2\" />",
msgUnits[1] = msgUnit2;

MsgUnit msgUnit3 = new MsgUnit(publishKey, "<Transaction id=\"3\" />",
msgUnits[2] = msgUnit3;


When I use the graphical tools to execute the XPATH query //key, I only get the message with the content of the Transaction with the id 3. And when I look into my postgresql database I have only one entry into the table. Why one entry when I have try to publish 3 messages ?

Thanks in advance for any explanation,

Marcel Ruff
Phone: +49 7551 309371