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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlrpc v3 plugin; callback timing?

Hi Póka

is this issue resovled?


Michele Laghi wrote:
Hi Póka
could you reproduce the 400 ms loop ? I tried with a simple case and I
could only see it setting when going from ALIVE to POLLING. If you where
experiencing a loop, then it must have switched back and forth between
these two states and would be definitely worth giving a closer look.

Could you reproduce the error and send us the logs (possibly with fine
or finest) ?


Póka Balázs wrote:

you are right that the timer is overwritten , but this is a behaviour
which is desidered when the state first changes from alive to polling,
on the next sweep the delay will not be overwritten since the

The logs however are wrong, I will fix them.
You're saying the polling is really only done (after the first try) at
the interval I specified, but the log is reporting it every 400 ms?
I'm absolutely sure I saw these messages at exactly 400 ms intervals.
I went through the code myself, it's quite complicated, I may have
missed something or I may have implemented the new XMLRPC plugin

For the XMLRPC Code of course we would be more than happy, as you
mentionned earlier the old XMLRPC Library is kind of outdated.
All right, I'll get to it and send you the source when 1 or 2
remaining issues are fixed.


Marcel Ruff
Phone: +49 7551 309371