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Re: [xmlblaster] question about Server Side Security Plugin

Currently this feature is not available with init().

Since V1.2+ we have extended the security interface to allow additional data
like the IP address of the other side to be passed to your plugins
by isAuthorized().

Unfortunately, passing this information is currently not implemented.
Extending to pass the IP of the remote socket shouldn't be a bigger issue.

You can try to add this to the xmlBlaster core yourself, and if the patch
works with the current xmlBlaster svn we are glad to apply it,


Xavier Roques wrote:

I'm using Xmlblaster 1.3 and I implemented my own Security plugin.

So I have a class which implements the interface I_Session.
This class check that the login/password of each client.

When the login and or the password of a client are not good, I will like
to display the IP address of the client which tried to connect to the server.

So, my question is from the method "public String init(I_SecurityQos
securityQos)" is there a way to know the IP address of the client
which is trying to connect to the server ?