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Re: [xmlblaster] java.lang.NullPointerException on doSend with svn checkout

On 15 Oct 2006 at 22:34, Marcel Ruff wrote:

> this NPE is fixed now (current svn),
> thanks for reporting,

Great, I just svn up', rebuilt xmlblaster, copied over xmlBlaster.properties file from my xmlblaster 1.2 server..

But now when I launch xmlblaster, it's using 100% cpu time, but doesn't seem to be doing anything useful.

log file doesn't show anything but occasional checkConsistency reports.. Yet still, 100% cpu time in use.


I just restarted it. Now it's using no cpu time.

Connected my client.. still normal cpu load.

Now I am thinking..  I had some trouble with an incorrect password in htpasswd file, so maybe that caused a problem for xmlblaster.

So I use htpasswd to change the password.. and I restart my client so it retries to login  (with incorrect password).

But wait, xmlblaster allowed it to login with the old password. So, I think xmlblaster is caching htpasswd entries.. Is that correct?

Ah wait, and I think it's only using 8 character passwords too?


I can't get the cpu load to go to 100% again with easy tests, so I don't know what happened. If it happens again, how can I track down what's causing the high load?  I have jconsole enabled..


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