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[xmlblaster] Notifying Clients


I am trying to setup a situation where client A publishes a PTP message to client B. Client B
subscribes for updates using the callback method. The problem I'm running into is that I want
Client B to get a notification that a message has arrived but I *do not want* to remove the
message from the queue. Client B will then use the get() method at a later time to retrieve the

What is happening now is that as soon a Client A publishes a message and the update() method of
Client B is triggered, the message is removed from the queue.

I've tried to set the subscribeQos.setWantContent to false, but that doesn't keep the message in
the queue.

So, basically, here is the sequence of events.
1. Client B connects and subscribes for updates.
2. Client A connects and publishes a message.
3. Client B receives a notification that a message has arrived. Message remains in queue.
4. A period of time elapses...
5. Client B retrieves message contents. 
6. Client B removes message from queue (if not done automatically)

Is xmlBlaster able to do this?


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