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Re: [xmlblaster] missing volatile messages

Hi, Marcel:

Thanks for your message.

It is weird that I couldn't make message lost now as easily as before. I'll keep my testing
and will also test with erase flag to false, just like we did in production.

Will keep you posted.


Marcel Ruff wrote:


thanks for this detailed test.

We couldn't reproduce loosing messages with your scripts.
We tried on same server machine and distributed over two machines.
But we once got a - none reproducable - stack trace.
So the combination with XPath and volatile messages and
erasing the topic during operation (by the first of your publishers finishing)
seems to be some open issue.
We have added now some code to handle the described NPE.

> "but some messages(<1%) completely lost."
It could be possible because of the first publisher is erasing the topic
during the second publisher is firing.
Anyhow, i couldn't reproduce any lost here.

We'll keep the case open,