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Re: [xmlblaster] about update and xmlrpc

Marcel Ruff wrote:

Cyrille Giquello wrote:


I could not get a update with several messages. I think perhaps when using xmlrpc we only get one message per update.
If there are 2 messages (on the same query subscribtion), xmlBlaster will call 2 times our update callback ...

What I did is :

- connect a client. publish 2 messages with the same topic.
- disconnect that client.
- connect another client, subcribing it to the topic.
- xmlBlaster call 2 times its callback update.

Is it normal ?

For the current  XMLRPC implementation - Yes.

The XmlRpcCallbackImpl.java:update() does not allow
to send an array of messages.

Our Corba and SOCKET protocol drivers support sending bulks of messages
in one
callback call - we call this burst mode - there are some configuration
properties which allow to configure the burst mode (like collecting for some
milli seconds the messages and send them in a bulk).

Note that this is primary a performance issue (but you could see as well
the bulk array as sort of a transaction context - everything or nothing
is delivered
of the current bulk).

Ok. Thank Marcel for you explanation..

May I add that information in the doc requirement interface.update ?