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Re: [xmlblaster] coming back after years in space ;o)

Marcel Ruff wrote:

Dear Cyrille,
it is nice to have your humor actively back on the list!

Hi Marcel. I hope my humour is not due to my badly written English ;o)

I'm Happy to read you.
I've you embeded a linuxBox in your old tractor ?

Shouldn't be the query string below BEFORE the Conn.addParameter()?

 query = "<key oid='__cmd:?version'/>";
 Conn.AddParameter( query,XMLRPC.types.STRING );

Argh! Sorry, another error when writing the mail and cleaning the syntax. The real code is :

   var query:String = "<key oid='__cmd:?version'/>";
   RPCConn.AddParameter( sessionID, XMLRPC.types.STRING);
   RPCConn.AddParameter( query,XMLRPC.types.STRING );
   //Call Method

I think I've to trace the xml sent to xmlBlaster. I don't know with but since few days winpcap doesnot work anymore on my computer.
So it will be easyest for me if I could activate some trace in the xml-rpc plugin without rebuild xmlBlaster. Is it possible ? Has it some solution ?