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Re: [xmlblaster] Multiple sessions

inEvo wrote:


I'm developping a Message Oriented CAD groupware..
I'd like to have several simultaneous sessions, that is to say, i'd like to have a collaborative CAD environment but with several scenes.
Users would have to log in to a given session an then all events would be broadcasted to every user in that session... but i'd like a single xmlBlaster Server to provide several sessions...

Is this mechanism built in or do i have to put a session ID and do XPath subscribes based on it?

What you need is one callback queue with multiple callback addresses attached to it.
This is not available but you have the same result if each of your CAD client logs in separately
(what we call a login session) and subscribes on the same topic(s).
Then all receive the same stuff.

XPath works well in any case.



Nelson Silva

P.S: A XML binding library would be a majour addon for your project as this has been one of our main problems. Something that would take a description like JiBX's and create C++ classes....

Yep, interesting. But i know people who avoid generating classes for each xsd and just use generic XPath to pick out the information they need from the parsed XML DOM. This is slim and generic. Perfomance could be an issue like this in a heavy load server, but usually it is no problem if done in a client application.