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Re: [xmlblaster] .NET xmlrpc code

> The first implementation of a .net xmlrpc library that I found was at:
> http://www.xml-rpc.net

I use this assembly, it works quite well.  Not currently with
xmlBlaster, but with other XML-RPC servers.

> Anyway, I downloaded the xmlrpc dll, and this code works...of course I
> punked out on the .get because the CLS specification doesn't really
> handle jagged arrays or arrays of differing types...however, I also know
> it can be handled as an object in some way, because the IDE handles it
> just fine, I can see all the values in the debugger.

You should be able to get any result as an XmlRpcStruct object.

> Imports System
> Imports CookComputing.XmlRpc
> Module Module1

Sorry, I don't know VB, only C#.