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Re: [xmlblaster] Is subversion a requirement?

Hi Meinrad,

there are two files which use the rcsid, namely

  mgsUtil.c  (for the C client library)
  Global.cpp (for the C++ client library)

The string is used so that you can lookup the
exact version of a .dll, .so or .sl dynamic library
(on unix for example with the 'strings' command).

If it makes problems just throw the lines in msgUtil.c and
Global.cpp away.

I have tried to reproduce it here with 'offline mode', missing
'svnversion', missing .svn directories etc. and could never reproduce
the problem.

If you find out more details how this can happen we will try
to provide a solution.

I have commited a workaround for your case (see xmlBlaster svn repository):

If you set the define XMLBLASTER_NO_RCSID on command line
or in build.properties it should compile fine in
your environment, try a recompilation with:

  build -DXMLBLASTER_NO_RCSID=1 c-delete cpp-delete c cpp



Hi Meinrad,
I removed my subversion from the system and tested the build both with the RC2 and the svn code but was able to compile.

Could you provide us with more information ?

(build -v all )


P.S: It tried with

Linux linux 2.6.5-7.111-default #1 Wed Oct 13 15:45:13 UTC 2004 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux

and xerces-c 2.6.0 (ver. 2.2.0 is not supported anymore)

Meinrad Teufel wrote:

Is an installed subversion a requirement for compiling xmlBlaster?
If not, there are problems compiling c and c++ libs.

In several files the static const char *rcsid_GlobalCpp will be initialized as follows:
static const char *rcsid_GlobalCpp __attribute__ ((unused)) = " at (#) $Id: msgUtil.c 12974 2004-12-01 16:45:28Z ruff $ xmlBlaster 1.RC2 #svn: No such file or directory

When removing the xmlBlaster/.svn/entries from my harddisk i got a similar error, but it was on one single line and did not make any compilation problems.

svn: svn_io_file_open: can't open `.svn/entries'";

The compiler error:
missing terminating " character

This happens because
svn: svn_io_file_open: can't open `.svn/entries'";
is in a new line.

Greetings Meinrad