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[xmlblaster] VB .NET InvalidCastException on Demo Client


I've built the Activex bridge and tested it without a problem in VB6.
I am trying to work with it in .NET and have copied the code exactly
as included with the XMLBlaster download (same as what is on the site
as well).
I get the following error:
An unhandled exception of type 'System.InvalidCastException' occurred
in mscorlib.dll

Additional information: QueryInterface for interface
XmlScriptAccess.XmlScriptAccessDispatch failed.

I'm using the simple client for now, but I get the same error with
HelloWorld3 - my code is as follows:

    Sub Main()
        Dim request, response As String
        Dim xmlBlaster As XmlScriptAccess.XmlScriptAccessClass

        xmlBlaster = New XmlScriptAccess.XmlScriptAccessClass

        ' Configure using the SOCKET protocol
        Dim argArr(1) As String
        argArr(0) = "-protocol"
        argArr(1) = "SOCKET"


        ' Connect to the server
        response = xmlBlaster.sendRequest("<xmlBlaster><connect/></xmlBlaster>")

        ' Query the free memory
        request = "<xmlBlaster><get><key
        response = xmlBlaster.sendRequest(request)
        Console.WriteLine("Got response:" & response)

        ' Leave the server
        response =
    End Sub

Any help would be greatly appreciated!