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[xmlblaster] Callback queues

I've been trying to get perl Callbacks to work correctly, and I
finally got it up and running. One question I had was if the
following construct was possible:

1. Callback server on port X, subscribed to several XPATH and
exact topics.
2. Callback server dies for three days.
3. Callback server comes back up on port X+Y

Is there any way to tell xmlBlaster to send all pending messages
for the subscriptions in step 1 to the new callback server
(assuming it was configured properly for that length of
durability)? My reading of the manual leads me to believe that
there is no way to 'switch over' to a new callback server.

I'm also curious why xmlBlaster continues to ping a callback
server after it has killed the login session that created the
subscriptions for it.  I killed /restarted the callback server
and am still getting PING's but no messages relating to the

On a side note, there are a few issues with the example XMLRPC
perl callback servers:

The self-contained callback server scripts invoke the
subscription before they create the listening daemon, so
xmlBlaster gets a connection refused if it happens to respond
quickly. Unfortunately Frontier::Daemon does not fork so there'd
have to be some added complexity to get it into one script. 

That same script doesn't set "ReuseAddr => 1" in the invocation
of the daemon, so if the user ctrl-C's the script and attempts
to restart it it will fail silently. Testing the return code of
the daemon invocation gives a "Address already in use" error,
which has to do with outstanding TIME_WAIT connections. 

Finally, the link on 
is broken.

-Jason Martin
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