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Re: [xmlblaster] SSL Access to XMLBlaster

David R Robison wrote:
We are developing an application built on XMLBlaster where we want all communications between the client and the blaster to be encrypted. We would like to use some form of SSL with a service side certificate similar to web sites supporting https. I noticed in the documentation that ssh could be used for SSL tunneling, but we would like a solution that does not require the client to perform an extra step (e.g. setting up the tunnel) when connecting to the blaster. Because the blaster is behind a firewall, we have been shying away from the CORBA protocol and have been considering the SOCKET and XMLRPC protocols. Can anyone give me some direction on how to proceed? Any tips on how to get this working?

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks
David Robison

Hi David,

if you need SSL and you have firewall or even proxies inbetween
a https based approach (as Michele mentioned) is the safest
(but not the higest performing) way to go.

I could imagine a xmlBlaster http protocol plugin using Apaches http client
and have a hidden low level polling for callbacks.

Another solution for callbacks is a persistent http(s) connection
and pushing the callbacks back to the client. See our
browser based persistent http approach which does this already and
our applet approach as well:
This is a bit critical as proxies can shutdown the http connection if they feel
to do so.



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