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Re: [xmlblaster] Adminstrative get and filtering

Robert Leftwich wrote:
Marcel Ruff wrote:

why do you need administrative get instead of a normal get()?

I'm using it for consuming message retrieves.

XmlBlaster supports filtering plugins with normal get() and subscribe() invocations
but not with administrative get().

Are there any alternate approaches given that I need consuming message retrieves?

I assume you are doing some sort of load balancing for the consuming clients.

The consuming administrative get() queries the sessions callback queue.
The callback queue is filled by PtP or subscriptions.

If we assume that only subscriptions are used (no PtP for this session)
you can apply the query filter plugin on the subscription.
The administrative get() will then only get the already filtered
messages from the callback queue.

If you have individual filtering per admin-get() you need
to login and subscribe separately for each filter rule to
have specific callback queues (each login session has its own callback queue).