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[xmlblaster] reliability of publish

I want to transport mission-critical messages over xmlBlaster, and the client side persistence
is not supposed to be used. Unfortunately, I find no way (both in Java and C++) to make sure 
whether the messages have been published successfully (I mean, persisted in the server side).

It seems that the client side logic always put the messages in the client queue, and once 
queued, the message is out of control. If the server side is not accessible, we may get an 
exception or a Constant.INFO_QUEUED stateinfo on publish(); but in either case the message 
still stays in the client queue. Now, if our client crashes, the message is lost; if the
server becomes accessible, the message will be re-published automatically. 

I tried following codes:

	ProtocolPluginManager mgr = glob.getProtocolPluginManager();
	I_XmlBlasterConnection driver = mgr.getPlugin("IOR", "1.0");
	driver.connectLowlevel(new Address(glob));

It's OK to work around the problem, but noway elegant I think :), because the client side plugin 
workflow is completely short-cutted. Any better solution please?   

        typhoon_fei at sina.com.cn