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RE: [xmlblaster] message expiration event

>>Joanne wrote:
>> Is there a special syntax for subscribing to message expiration 
>> events? I'd like to have a client that listens for message expiration 
>> events on a specific topic.

>Marcel wrote:
>You can receive topic erase/expire events but
>you can't subscribe on message instance expiry.

Does it go by the general the rule that message subscribers automatically receive corresponding expire events just like they do with erase events?

For example, in my client subscription I use <notify>false</notify> in the subscribe qos and disabled my client's async dispatcher by setting 
?dispatcherActive=false. I don't care about erase events for my subscription, and I only use synchronous get methods for processing messages within its callback queue. However, I would like to be notified when a message in my subscription expires. Using the existing framework, how can I enable receiving expire events on this subscription? I'm hoping the expire event is not linked to the erase event (i.e. I hope I can receive the expire event without the erase notification).