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Re: [xmlblaster] Server exception

Hi David,

David Kerry wrote:
On Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 10:30:03AM +0200, Marcel Ruff wrote:

Marcel Ruff wrote:

David Kerry wrote:


I've been trying out the latest cvs code of xmlblaster and the
following error got thrown out into the log.

After this, one of our clients started misbehaving as well
and restarting didn't seem to help (the server thought the
client was still logged in - the session was never disconnected).

Hi David,

this looks like a bug.
Is it reproducable?
Could you please send to me directly the complete log file,
if possible a stack dump and xml dump
and a description of the publishQos and subscriber involved?




is it possible that you updated xmlBlaster to 0.903 and
worked on old data (from persistent messages in DB)
from a previous xmlBlaster release?




I don't think so.  In the scenario where I saw this, I updated our
v.0901 xmlblaster by just overwriting the lib/xmlBlaster.jar file
with the latest cvs version.  After that, I restarted the server.
The server itself is configured to use only ram-based storage, so
it all should have been flushed out on a restart.  Unless the
server is keeping some hidden files around somewhere I don't know
about... :-)

The default persistent queues use embedded hsqldb. You normally find the files associated with persistent queues and msgStore on ${HOME}/tmp/

The files are all starting with:
and client*

To be absolutely sure you don't have anything old around you can delete these files. Alternatively you can invoke:

java org.xmlBlaster.Main -wipeOutJdbcDB true

The bug isn't really reproducible at the moment - it has happened only
twice so far in a full day of operation.

You are in luck however - I happened to do a server dump after it
happened and before I restarted it.  I'd rather send it off-list,
so if you can send me an address to send it to I'll gladly forward it.
I'll also include the log file too.

As for our situation, we have probably 10 clients, all pub-sub capable
and using xpath subscriptions.  They are all long-lived and never
shut down (unless unexpectedly).  All messages are volatile.

David Kerry

Saluti Michele

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