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Re: [xmlblaster] determine if a session/queue already exists

Hi Joanne,

Joanne wrote:
1. Is there an easier way to query the server on whether a specific session is already active (i.e. check if sessionname=joe/1 is active)? The way I've found to do this is to publish a /client/joe/?sessionList admin command and parse through the returned sessions ids, but it seems like more work than it should be.
This is the correct way to do it. Alternatively, to avoid parsing the return value you could get the uptime for a particular session.

2. Also, is there an easier way to determine whether a specific session's callback queue exists? I do this by publishing an admin get on the queue (client/joe/1/?cbQueueEntries) and checking the value of the MsgUnitArr. If it's null, I assume the cb queue doesn't exist. Is this the right way to find out whether the cb queue exists, or is there a more direct query?
In fact this check is not needed. If a session exists, then it is guaranteed that a callback queue exists for that session.


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