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[xmlblaster] Re: Two Problems

P. Michael Hutchins wrote:

First, I got the following:

:o [May 27, 2004 11:31:20 AM WARN RequestBroker-/node/xmlBlaster_140_102_82_36_3412] Generating dead
000002/clientpmh02321085671769630-1085671820445000001' from
because delivery with queue
failed: XmlBlasterException
location=[SOCKET-HandleClientRequest-pmh0232] message=[SOCKET
callback of 1
messages failed : errorCode=resource.exhaust
message=Timeout of 60000 milliseconds occured when
waiting on update(pmh0232:1209) response. You can change
it with
-dispatch/callback/plugin/socket/responseTimeout <millis>]
[See URL

The timeout happens if a request waits on a response (the return value of the method invocation). You client "pmh0232" seems to block in its update() for over a minute. Then the SOCKET plugin gives up.

See http://www.xmlblaster.org/xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/protocol.socket.html

Example how to change the timeout:

  java org.xmlBlaster.Main -plugin/socket/responseTimeout 1000

  java javaclients.HelloWorldSubscribe -protocol SOCKET -updateSleep 2000
  (type enter to subscribe)

  java javaclients.HelloWorldPublish -numPublish 10
  (type enter to publish a message)

in the above example you artificially create the exception,
as the subscriber sleep 2 sec for each update and the
server gives up after 1 sec.



The given URL was useless.

I then tried to search for "

-dispatch/callback/plugin/socket/responseTimeout", & then "responseTimeout" -- and got:

*Not Found*

Sorry, the xmlBlaster server is currently under maintenance Search, Wiki and the mailing list archive are not yet available again.

The requested URL /cgi-bin/perlfect/search-3.30/search.pl was not found on this server.
Apache/2.0.49 (Gentoo/Linux) Server at www.xmlBlaster.org <http://www.xmlblaster.org/> Port 80


    * I'd appreciate info re how to set

* responseTimeout - in my Java code, optimally. (your search)


-- M.