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Re: [xmlblaster] possible problem about JDBC Driver

zhang zhi wei wrote:
> Hi.

thanks for reporting this bug with a solution.

> After examining the DBAdapterUtils.java,  I find the problem is the 
> following codes:
> case Types.TIMESTAMP:
> columnValue = rs.getTimestamp(i).toString();
> When changed to the following code, it works fine.
> case Types.TIMESTAMP:
> Timestamp ts=rs.getTimestamp(i);
> if (ts==null) columnValue="null" ; else columnValue=ts.toString();
> althrough this bug is fixed, other possible NULL values may exist.
> So If it's necessary to change all the case codes to the above style?
> please verify this!!!

I have fixed all locations now and commited
it to cvs.

> by the way, the datetime in SQLServer  is mapped to TIMESTAMP, so if 
> 2002-11-11 in SQLServer, the output is  "2004-11-24 00:00:00.0"
> how to fix this problem? just trim the thanks a lot!

If you can't use our 'Date' which has no
time added probably trimming is the simplest way
to go,

thanks and best regards